We are a young and goal-oriented team. We put a lot of focus on detail design, which raises the aesthetic value of our equipment and prolongs its life; specifically by using thicker and more durable materials. We approach each project individually, in cooperation with the customer, and we respect the agreed-upon deadlines. More than 35 years of restaurant equipment production, have given us vast experience, which enables us to undertake even the most demanding of projects.



Top-notch visual design and processing

With our excellent equipment processing and designs, we are setting trends in the area of visual appearance and design of restaurant equipment.

Respecting agreed-upon deadlines

We respect agreed-upon deadlines, to ensure an uninterrupted work flow and customer satisfaction.

Individual approach

Every project is a story of its own. Therefore, we use individual approach and our expertise, and we accomplish every project in cooperation with the customer.


More than 35 years of experience sets a foundation for accomplishing even the most demanding of projects.


Restaurant equipment and other custom stainless steel products are manufactured in our factory, located at Duplica pri Kamniku. We use contemporary technology when designing a product and during the entire stainless steel processing process – up until the end product. We take special care during every individual phase of the manufacturing process, as top products and satisfied customers are our top priorities.


  • 1984 – After working in the former Industrija gostinske opreme (IGO) factory, Jože Toni founds a private company in Podgorje pri Kamniku.
  • 1987 – Our company is establishing a 250m2 production area.
  • 1993 – Our company employs five people.
  • 2004 – The production line is relocated to Duplica pri Kamniku.
  • 2009 – Our company receives the Zlati Ceh (Golden Guild) award for excellence, quality and innovation, which is the highest award of the MOS – International Trade and Business Fair in Celje.
  • March 2010 – Municipality of Kamnik awards Jože Toni a bronze certificate for handicrafts and entrepreneurship achievements.
  • September 2010 – Company founder, Jože Toni, retires and passes the company onto his son, Matjaž.
  • 2011 – Our company enters the German and Montenegrin markets.
  • January 2012 – We manufacture the first H2-compliant kitchen for the Slovenian market.
  • 2012 – Our company enters the Austrian market.
  • August 2012 – Our company makes an important investment to buy a new punching machine.
  • 2014 – We celebrate 30 years of our company.
  • 2016 – Our company employs 13 people.
  • 2017 – Our company enters the Italian market.
  • 2021 – Changing the company’s form from the sole proprietor Matjaž Toni s.p. to Ltd TONI INOX d.o.o..
  • 2021 – Purchase of additional production premises of 230 m2.
  • June 2023 – Our company makes an important investment to buy a new laser cutting machine.