Hiša na Travniku

Dob pri Domžalah, Slovenia

In May 2016, we manufactured a bar counter with a cooling display cabinet for confectionery products and a cooling retro counter for the bar Hiša na Travniku. In accordance with the requirements of the architect, the front panels of the retro counter were designed in a special old-fashioned style that is in accordance with the visual design of the object.
Hiša na Travniku is an area, designated for guided workout, sport and recreational activities as well as relaxation. It is located in nature and covers an area of 16,000m2.


Hood Burger

Vič & BTC City Marketplace, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Hood Burger is a story of two economists, who were unsuccessfully seeking employment after graduating. In the meantime they came to the conclusion that it was not possible to get a real hamburger in Ljubljana, so they set out to develop a recipe for the best hamburger in Slovenia. In the autumn of 2012, they proudly opened their first permanent site in the car park of the shopping centre Interspar Vič, while the other one, at the BTC City Marketplace in Ljubljana, followed in May 2016. Both objects are equipped with professional kitchen equipment, manufactured by the company Gostinska oprema Toni.


Lars & Sven Burgers

Ljubljana-Rudnik, Slovenia

We manufactured a fast food kitchen for the company Lars&Sven Burgers. The company takes pleasure in doing what they do, and they offer their customers what they themselves passionately crave – the best burgers. Their top priorities are customer well-being and making quality meals as well as cooperation with exclusively local suppliers. In the autumn of 2015 they opened their first site in front of the E’Leclerc store, at the shopping centre Rudnik in Ljubljana.